Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Puppy Dogs and Kittens

It really doesn't get much cuter than puppies and kittens on the 4th of July (or on the Saturday after the fourth of July picnic on Indian Mountain)

My old same drove up for the day to visit with her girl, who miss M adores. Can you see why?!

I love the photos she took though she didn't click one of us (and I see so much Meg and Amy in these faces as it is). Perhaps we were more taken by the children's activities and our vino back at "camp".
It looks like he is whispering something in her ear...
"Psst, you got any bacon? Well let me lick the leftover lunch off your neck anyway."

Perhaps in seeing them we see pieces of us and our 25+ year friendship; the beauty of life in general.  Still, next time we should take a click of us on the swings...if for nothing more than historical reference.

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