Saturday, September 29, 2012

Feel The Tide

Mumford & Sons (I'm digging some Mumford & Sons lately. Huge crush. Huge.)

This week has been a crazy one of sorts. The type that reminds you how life is best enjoyed when navigated - like balancing on a bike; not something laid out in tracks that you are secured to for the long haul. In the unfolding of it all, the absurd and the magical moments present themselves and nothing feels more satiating.

Change is physically in the air. We spent the weekend watching fall leaves shed their color and loosen their grip. For the first time ever, we both marveled at the sight of the wind sweeping millions of leaves upward in the air like some stunning flurry of Fall in rewind as a hawk hung above it all.

We too are embracing change these days. We placed a long shot "Hail Mary" backup offer on a house we found. It was a place we walked in to and knew instantly we had made a mistake not finding it sooner. Funny how you can walk in to someone else's space and feel like it is yours. Last Thursday night we found out the sky opened up and we were under contract. Our house promptly went on the market Saturday and is now under contract too; apparently a few people felt the same kinship to our home.

I keep thinking about hermit crabs and how they switch shells every so often. I feel we too are hefting off our armor and walking naked towards something new we will come to know intimately.

I've been thinking about how how our homes define us: our neighborhoods, our entryways, the paint colors we choose, and the art we hang on our walls. Friends come in and share the food we eat, listen to the music we play, and smell our smell. We know where the floors creak and how to open some special drawer or window. The fine nuances of the space become silent details in our story of home.

In a little more than a month, I won't see the view from miss M's bedroom window anymore - reminding me of the silence at 3 am when I was lucky enough to breastfeed my little nugget. Soon I won't be able to enjoy the angles of our stairs. The texture of our brick walls will become a fond memory. The perfectly framed view of our copper Rooster weather vane through our kitchen window from the sidewalk in front of our house won't exist as art anymore (as we made sure to write it in as an exclusion to the house purchase). These are all moments we have built and have come to know over the course of our every day. They will be boxed up in our memories. Miss m might possibly not even remember this place very well at all.

We wholeheartedly look forward to something new: fresh paint and wood floors; a backyard with a nice sized garden and the promise of a basketball hoop hanging above our 2 car garage;  new neighbors/new friends we have yet to meet; and of course, plenty of work to make our new shell our own.

In this shift that has occurred over the past week, I too reconnected with a piece of me that has been dormant for quite some time though I have tried to rouse it mentally these past few years. Life is best served when you believe in what you believe and the power of positive thinking (if you go with your gut so to speak). It's about putting things in to play and trusting that things will all work out, or that even if they don't work out, it all works out. It's an intrinsic belief I had unknowingly for quite sometime and I've missed it immeasurably. I'm so excited to move forward and nothing feels better.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Through The Eyes Of A Friend

I've been doing some consulting work for an old employer. After being gone for four years, it's been strange and fun to return and catch up with old co-workers I haven't seen in a long time. One day, I came in to find my friend Sachin "visiting" from India. He hadn't been back to Broomfield in about four years as well. We laughed about how strange it was that we were there at the same time and at how much older and grayer we might have become in the interim. I invited him and Julie and Lisa over for dinner one night. Sachin came with gifts and made quick friends with miss m. He took a ton of photos too because it's what he loves to do. Julie sent me this one yesterday. It's a heart I have hanging in our kitchen window; I picked it up in Akumal this summer and it really has become one of my favorite things to look at in the house. I told her I LOVED the photo. She typed: isn't it fun to see your house through someone else's eyes?! What a concept... I now wonder what else he caught on film.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Girl

The Temptations

Miss M had another milestone today: her first official haircut at the super-cute Little Bees Salon. I've been trimming her hair here and there (because I didn't want to pay someone to spend five minutes cutting a straight edge across her bangs when I had the genetic makeup to do a fine job myself) but I finally broke down today and committed to a real cut. I think it was more a milestone for me than her. She however, benefited from her first pony tail and her first Dum Dum lollipop (which PS DUM DUMs, you should make a Dr. Pepper one, and I'm cursing that I can no longer go in to the Bank without M knowing what is sitting on the counter).

She's growing like a weed these days. Her vocabulary is exploding. She's picking words out of songs or radio reports. She also has a tendency to throw things or fast slap something like a diva when she's up in arms. She has a wealth of facial expressions that only her boot collection can compete against. I've started telling people she's gunning for an Oscar this year so watch for her role as an Italian mother who just lost her son in the war.

When I'm not extolling the importance of "sharing" or "not hitting our friends", I wholly admire this little lady as she unabashedly rocks her pink cowboy boots or begs for some "makeup" (ie chapstick and a water color brush) or "gums" or to watch a "movies" or eats dirt. In a moment of sheer delightful quiet the other day, I snapped out of my daydream to find her "painting" her toes with some nail polish (not a bad color or job for a 22 month old I might add). She is a lesson in how quickly time flies. Each day I want to snatch up a little nugget of Mness and hold it forever.

She wants to do everything herself and says, "no my do it". I love how she says, "s/he's crying cranky" to any kid/baby/person in a bad mood. She crouches down and say's "lil baby" to anything small, like a piece of her pancake that's not as big as the other pieces or her babydoll or ants. She has an unsettling obsession with keys and will try to unlock anything including doors, bikes, chairs, cabinets, and cereal boxes. She will say anything is stinky and if I ask her where something is, she says "outside". When I ask if she has a poopy diaper, she's been known to throw Ginger under the bus...more than once...

She has started to point to letters and numbers knowing they mean something. She randomly will work on a "6-7-8-9" spread or "p-q-r-s" for the day, like Rainman. She likes to read me stories too but I tell her I won't dignify her reading me to sleep unless she turns the book right side up.

When we are done for the night, I continue my singing career aspirations in the privacy of her room. I've started thinking about real songs I can probably sing fairly decently that are good songs for her to know, like Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys. She has started recognizing Everyday by Buddy Holly and will request it. Still though, the song that's topping Miss Ms chart for the fourth straight week in a row: Happy Birthday. Every night, we celebrate like there is cake.

P.S. My Girl is making it's way in to the top ten too. How about this video?! I love that they're all wearing suits and smoothly moving their feet while every now and again they clap their hands.