Friday, October 5, 2012

Princesses in the Park

We ran in to Cinderella last weekend. We were at the park and a women mentioned there was a bunch of Princesses around. It sounded strange at first, like she was suggesting fairies were hiding in the bushes if we only looked closer, but then I saw a woman dressed as what I can only assume was Merida from Brave. I figured we would head in the direction she was and see what we came up on. We walked in to the pavilion, which alone seems breezy and magical, and I looked to my left to see Cinderella framed between two large columns as if she was waiting for her Prince to come. I thought the set up was pretty fantastic for Miss M, who would be meeting her first real princess.

Truth be told, they're not even on her radar. I'm not sure that I really want them to be though I have to admit, meeting Cinderella in person was pretty cool. M marveled at her big blue dress. She lifted her skirt to show M her shiny silver shoes, which sealed the deal with the old girl. M gently touched her gloved hand and told her the only thing a girl can think of, "My birthday coming up" (which btw is the statement of the month). The princess told me that is why she was in the Park; to take photos for her company, which sends characters to parties to hang with kids. We walked on past Peter Pan and Obie Wan Kenobi. We didn't see anymore princesses but we managed to hold on to the the magic in the day.

The most magical thing for me lately is that Princess Ginger has bucked her dog anxiety to accompany us on a few walks recently. It makes me so happy to be out and about with her.

I just had to post this photo too because I love M's big, almost painful, clenched smile as she says cheese. 
It's pretty commonplace these days and I know it will only be a fond memory soon. 

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