Friday, October 19, 2012

Tractor Day

D has a tractor (of course he does, are you surprised) but I digress... Miss M is in LOVE with it; but then again she loves anything motorized. D and I have our own subtle battles; him enticing her with diesel engines and two-wheeled vehicles; me with music and tutu's and some nail polish every now and again. In any case, I made the mistake last year of fighting my battle in the literary sense by purchasing a book called Tractor Day by Candice Ransom for Valentine's Day. It's a story about a farmer and his daughter plowing the fields together while an UBER dowdy mother hangs clothes, feeds the pigs, and lugs around the baby. I inscribed in the book: "For D & M - so you can take a ride together."

Well who knew the guy ACTUALLY had a tractor at the time. Actually I did but I rarely take him seriously until I see the object he has been talking about for 6 months in my yard (see "GS" "KTM" "Gun Safe" and "Swinger", etc. in the appendix). Mostly this happens because D has a Lot where he squirrels away all his stuff. Currently though, his cute little tractor is in our backyard. It really is cute and who knows what we will ever do with it but I'm sure something in suburbia will have an itch to scratch. For now though, it is M's favorite ride. She asks to go out back for "Tractor Day" and I literally have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. I will admit, it is pretty cute though once she's on it. Perhaps I could take a turn and funnel some of my Footloose fantasies.

P.S. I see some Kevin Bacon coolness in the old girl!

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