Friday, November 30, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

We found this kitty at the Little Museum one day when we dropped by for a quick visit. I loved the setup with the pump and thought it was perfect for a picture. Miss M loved the kitty of course; she's a sucker for felines. She is going to hate finding out in a few years we are both SUPER-allergic and won't be living with one in our house. Watching her though, is almost as sweet as this little guy sipping slowly in the autumn air and warm morning sun.

I just love this little series of looks...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Visiting the New Digs

My college roomie, Dahlia, and her family were in town for Thanksgiving visiting family. They drove down to our new house to check out the scene. I give them props for wanting to come see us in the mix of our madness. As always, it was fun to see them and catch up. They always bring an upbeat fun attitude and Miss M loves A & S. We ate some lunch and went for a walk in the nearby park since the non-napping Miss M launched herself out of her crib after a half hour fun-fest with her cousin little m. Little m managed to fall asleep after that but Miss M earned a stroller ride to the park from A and was fast asleep in no time. Why can't I have a mother's helper all the time?!

How fun to have friends drop by for a few hours...

what is now becoming the photo opp
for all our friends who visit... 
...see what I mean?!
Miss M and Little M, ignore the
makeupless, ponytailed woman behind the toddlers
yep...they are still like they were in college... 
and their teaching their kids this stuff too...
pretty gals
I have cuter shots but they might be on reserve for holiday cards
so this funny one will have to do!

I love this shot and how miss M is peaking at S 
A is so good with miss m
our first family photo in front of our house

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I knew it was going to be a marathon. Two weeks of sleeping in the Swinger in the driveway and a full-on house remodel/demo was enough to make anyone rethink the whole business of moving. Our new neighbors watched from their yards or stopped by to say "hi" and marvel at the sheer amount of stuff Mr. STD was getting done. D was a rock star and slightly obnoxious with the tractor and excavator in the backyard digging up stuff. I was pretty good myself and Miss M was seamless. Gingy was fine once she realized she was on the boat when we left the Gilpin house (until then, I'm convinced she thought we were going to leave her behind). There certainly were challenging moments all around. Still, with every new neighbor we met or every errand we ran, we were validated with our choice and so happy to be home. As our house began to take shape and we filled the space with "us", the potential we envisioned began to come true.

On Thanksgiving morning, we woke up in our bed in our new bedroom, with Maddie in her crib in her new bedroom; I was truly thankful. Though the Swinger proved to be a true piece of serenity in our move, I was happy to be in my real bed. I felt like we were "out of the woods" of moving so to speak. The sweet knowledge that the Landrums spent a good chunk of their Wednesday at our house getting everything we owned inside our walls still warms my heart. It made for some sweet Thanksgiving synchronicity.

We were home, in bed, with nothing to do but relax. Does anything really feel better than that? The only way I can describe the day is to say it felt like the release after a surge of adrenalin... a two week surge of adrenalin that had us running pretty much full time. We went to Whole Foods and even tried to go out to breakfast. I could barely bring myself to make the sides I promised to bring to the Rodger's house. It was a day for laying low after so much change.

The only thing sweeter was heading to Nancy and Ed's for a great meal at a beautiful table with some of my family and the ever-incomparable Emily Thoma. The food was outstanding: my favorite as always, Deb's cornbread stuffing. The desserts were a delight. The evening just what we needed.

Nancy and Ed and the guest of honor
D getting in on the carving action
Little M and Nancy - one of my favorites from the night!
Katy and Deb

Nancy and Emily's Martha Stewart Table
Ready for the eating... and the drinking...
A pre-group shot, which is always fun
Happy Thanksgiving 2012
I know this entry makes it sound like we are done now with our all projects in the house. We are not; we are far from it. But we are in the process of settling now as opposed to "transition", "chaos", "motor home-living", etc. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

An Old Friend

Miss M with her buddy B (back in true Photo Friday fashion)
I can't get enough of the crinkly-nosed smile.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Patty Cake

While we were getting beat down by the sheer reality of moving, miss M escaped to Aunt Chris and Uncle Cullen's house for the night. From what I can gather, she had a great time and so did they. It's fun to see my little lady baking with my baker mentor. How many times have I cooked with Chris? There are too many Christmas' and lemon bars to count.  She always makes baking so much fun. And who knew all this time, I had been leaving out the Kitchen Aid because I thought that would take away from the joy of baking?! Apparently miss M fell madly for Chris's cooking style and mixer. Who wouldn't?! I still benefited from packing back all the cookies Justin brought over when he came to help us out. Now if I could just find an oven, I could get some baking going again with the old girl.

Friday, November 9, 2012

All Packed Up and Ready To Go

This is the last photo I took in our old place. Moving out proved to be tiring beyond belief (you can see it in D's eyes) and endless (though it's over now, ironically...I guess it just FELT endless). I love this moment though because it's clearly a moving day moment: pizza on the floor, box in the window. M was at daycare all day and I warned her when I picked her up that there would be nothing in the house when she came home. She walked in and said "uh-oh" in that cute toddler way that really doesn't mean disaster. I was impressed at how well she was taking the change until I told her we were going to eat pizza and she lost it when she realized she didn't have her chair to sit in. Still she found her way on to the floor with pops and the novelty of eating picnic style set did the pizza. Gingy made out well too. 

I kept longing for that last moment of nostalgia in the old place. You know, the "turn the light off at the end of the tv series" moment. I was sure it would come and I would have some time alone with the hallow echo of the empty space to say goodbye to all the hard work and, more importantly, the change that took place there. We weathered dating, demo and moving in together there; we left it behind when we traveled down south; we lived with friends and spent many a fun night passing out in this space; this was the threshold we came over as a married couple; and we brought our baby girl home there. Truth be told, typing this is more nostalgic than what I felt Tuesday morning when we left the keys and closed the door. I was tired and achy, I needed to vote and take a nap. I left turning back for only a momentary goodbye and long look. Thankfully I have many pictures to revisit. I feel like an old friend is no longer with us. It feels strange to move on without that space coming with us too.  

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ribbit or Treat

"uh oh, where's my frog?"
hanging with our buddy B
trick or treating with daddy