Friday, October 26, 2012


M turned two this Friday. I was not in the mood to do a birthday party this year so we kept it small and quiet most of the day. We went to breakfast with Nana. M delighted in a bear-faced pancake and a lit candle to boot. We sang happy birthday and she made a wish (I think). Then we went to My Gym to try something new out. M took to it like a duck in water; she had so much fun. I've been talking about Rio 2016 for swimming but who knows, maybe we'll be on the gymnastics mat instead.

Later on that day we had the Pellegrinos and Melanie over for dinner. Though I didn't want a party, I couldn't stand the thought of singing Happy Birthday to her alone (since I do it that way every other night before bed). Miss M had a great time with big M and LL - she always does. It was a super low key affair - pizza and salad. Of course my little lady would not get through the day without cake. I had a beautiful little number made up and I must say, it was pretty dang good too. I hope she made another wish. Dad came home from hunting around 8 and I think my wish was answered.

It's hard to believe she's two and yet every moment with her has been so fun. She is smart and funny and quirky. She gets so much from Andy physically but I know her humor and her goofy comes from me. I can't wait to spend another year watching her grow and change and discover the world even more with the enthusiasm that makes me love waking up to her every day.

Here is a video from the day:

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