Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Patty Cake

While we were getting beat down by the sheer reality of moving, miss M escaped to Aunt Chris and Uncle Cullen's house for the night. From what I can gather, she had a great time and so did they. It's fun to see my little lady baking with my baker mentor. How many times have I cooked with Chris? There are too many Christmas' and lemon bars to count.  She always makes baking so much fun. And who knew all this time, I had been leaving out the Kitchen Aid because I thought that would take away from the joy of baking?! Apparently miss M fell madly for Chris's cooking style and mixer. Who wouldn't?! I still benefited from packing back all the cookies Justin brought over when he came to help us out. Now if I could just find an oven, I could get some baking going again with the old girl.

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