Friday, November 23, 2012

Visiting the New Digs

My college roomie, Dahlia, and her family were in town for Thanksgiving visiting family. They drove down to our new house to check out the scene. I give them props for wanting to come see us in the mix of our madness. As always, it was fun to see them and catch up. They always bring an upbeat fun attitude and Miss M loves A & S. We ate some lunch and went for a walk in the nearby park since the non-napping Miss M launched herself out of her crib after a half hour fun-fest with her cousin little m. Little m managed to fall asleep after that but Miss M earned a stroller ride to the park from A and was fast asleep in no time. Why can't I have a mother's helper all the time?!

How fun to have friends drop by for a few hours...

what is now becoming the photo opp
for all our friends who visit... 
...see what I mean?!
Miss M and Little M, ignore the
makeupless, ponytailed woman behind the toddlers
yep...they are still like they were in college... 
and their teaching their kids this stuff too...
pretty gals
I have cuter shots but they might be on reserve for holiday cards
so this funny one will have to do!

I love this shot and how miss M is peaking at S 
A is so good with miss m
our first family photo in front of our house

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