Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Cowgirl Boots

Miss M has these pink cowboy boots that she struts around in quite a bit. It's really very cute and it has inspired D to get a pair of his own (not sure if he wants pink, TBD). When the National Western Stock Show came to town this year, I knew it was the perfect setting for her and her boots - so we took the show on the road.

The goats were unimpressed by her fashion sense.

I clearly couldn't find a partner to focus for a photo...

... until I did! Still, the small ones always steal the limelight.

When it came to adventure, the kiddie train ride was too much for her to handle so we watched from the sidelines as Chad and B took a spin. Later on, she assured me she wanted to ride a real live pony. I had one of those mom moments where I confirmed she was sure about 50 times before plopping down $6 thinking she would sit on it and want off ASAP. It might have been the boots or a sheer sense of adventure but she took to it like an old cow hand. 

(Only for a second at the very end did she get a bit nervous.)

No trip to the stock show would be complete 
without stopping to check out the tractors.
I had a moment with a stranger who said, 
"little boys always love tractors"...

... and I asserted that so do little girls too.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Frog Princess

Miss M has been getting her princess on a fair amount these days. I love to watch her dress up (hell I started her trend) and yet I do temper these fun fairytale exercises with a reminder that when she grows up she will need to use her brain and get a job to pay the bills. Not to worry, I'm not all mean stepmother all the time. I still do very much believe in the sheer power of putting on something frilly that makes you feel pretty, getting your best friend all dolled up too, and grabbing the nearest magic wand.

Monday, January 21, 2013

In the Land of Honey and Nectar (aka Green Chili and Enchiladas)

D pushed for a weekend getaway to Taos. It was really what I needed: a change of pace and a little New Mexico in my life. Nothing like a different environment and new energy to gain some perspective. We left early Friday and visited friends in the Springs before setting out on the five hour drive south. It was seamless with Miss M napping and then using her new dvr player from Grammy Maillet. Once in town, we immediately stopped at the Dragonfly Cafe for an early dinner (one of my favorite Taos spots thanks to Julie and her always spot on recommendations).

It was here, I got to catch a moment like this...

and daydream about the possibilities of these sweet delights
(this is also the spot where Miss M would use her booty to nudge a stranger 
out of the way so she too could daydream about what belonged in her belly).

Traveling always inspires gratitude. 
This was the reminder I had at breakfast on my birthday.

I was happy enough to just be in Taos; but the subtle expectations of a birthday and the pressure from a husband just wanting me to have a good day was more than I could handle. My sweetheart had such a sweet heart for me that Saturday. Truth be told, I'm not much of a birthday person when it comes to myself. Still I managed to find moments like this:

Thankfully he was still there with our love set in stone when I returned to my senses.

 Sunday brought so many great moments...
like this, at my favorite spot with a meal I daydreamed about while planning the trip.
We met an artist with the best energy and coolest gallery
She let Miss M (highly intoxicated by a lollipop) play a drum in her music room, 
which helped us all out and we bought one of her paintings.

Sunday we had breakfast at the B&B, walked more shops and looked at art and bought some stuff. Miss M had a stellar nap, and so did we. I found a new dinner spot, Antonio's (after lamenting Love Apple not being open - next time). It was absolutely 100% delicious and left me feeling like we had achieved our food goals for the trip. 

It was a fine end to a day that left me wondering what to pick when I asked D what his favorite part of the day was. We both agreed in our silent contemplation that there were so many good things that happened that day. We went to sleep with the flames from the fireplace dancing in the dark.

And then we woke up and headed home.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

To A Smile


I woke up this morning with an overwhelming feeling of how happy I am to have the memories of my wedding. I know this might sound strange but usually I'm too practical to appreciate it for just that and I badger myself about the time/expense I committed to the whole event. The feeling surprised me in a way and I literally just smiled at it's warmth. I vacillated about staying in bed or getting up early to post a photo of Dad before we head out of town. I thought perhaps this was a silly idea I have tied myself to: to remember him every year on his birthday. And then I got the sense that it too was such a happy thing, born in love. It was the strange sense that somewhere, somehow he liked it and I felt the memory of his smile. How could I let that slide? So here's to you old friend and to sharing a smile.

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Good Book | A Good Birthday

Cheers to what is to come this 37th year:
the friendships, the words, the synchronicity, the perspective...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Italian Balsamic and a Dream

Deb brought back some of the most delicious Tondo Balsamic Vinegar from a little place called "Italy". It is one of those delightful treats you almost don't want to open because you want to have it forever. Then you realize to truly live is to open the bottle and enjoy the flavor in your every day. This sweet treat was my award for starting off my Whole30 with Nancy. It was something I attempted last August and only made a go of for three days before I cracked. My failure in August was eating away at me (and my possible leaky gut) when Nancy started talking about wanting to make a change in her diet; I suggested this might be a good challenge for us to do together, as I was looking for a way to break up with sugar. Really I just wanted the badge of honor of having completed it fully since I failed the first time. So this captures my first day, my beautiful beginning.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day." 
- Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Thanks to Melanie for this lovely quote included in the book club holiday party ornament she gave me. It has set a great tone to my new year's transition.