Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pink Cowgirl Boots

Miss M has these pink cowboy boots that she struts around in quite a bit. It's really very cute and it has inspired D to get a pair of his own (not sure if he wants pink, TBD). When the National Western Stock Show came to town this year, I knew it was the perfect setting for her and her boots - so we took the show on the road.

The goats were unimpressed by her fashion sense.

I clearly couldn't find a partner to focus for a photo...

... until I did! Still, the small ones always steal the limelight.

When it came to adventure, the kiddie train ride was too much for her to handle so we watched from the sidelines as Chad and B took a spin. Later on, she assured me she wanted to ride a real live pony. I had one of those mom moments where I confirmed she was sure about 50 times before plopping down $6 thinking she would sit on it and want off ASAP. It might have been the boots or a sheer sense of adventure but she took to it like an old cow hand. 

(Only for a second at the very end did she get a bit nervous.)

No trip to the stock show would be complete 
without stopping to check out the tractors.
I had a moment with a stranger who said, 
"little boys always love tractors"...

... and I asserted that so do little girls too.

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