Saturday, March 30, 2013

Color Me Paas

This is the first time Miss M got to Dye Easter Eggs. It was no surprise she really liked it, since she is so in to painting and coloring. I love how she is gushing in these photos.

It did surprise me to take a walk down memory lane - it has been years since I colored eggs myself. We used to use my mom's white tea cups, which were perfect for showcasing the colors and holding just one soaking egg, maybe two, if you had too many impatient kids.

I can still feel that awkward sensation of holding out the wire frame and balancing and egg. When I was older, I became seasoned enough to sit for a while dangling an egg in the water to create a half and half colored egg. 

It was also one of those things we did with our dad.

D and I had to reign ourselves in from Project Managing this activity too much. Toddlers just don't have the finesse to lightly drop and egg into a bowl and let it marinate. They're more of the "plunk and turn and pick it out with your hand and drop it in another bowl and use the wire frame as an eye glass" types.

D gave me a hard time for buying brown eggs to do this but when you get down to the nuts an bolts of it, I still want to eat our harvest. All in all, we were pretty impressed with our color scheme turnout.

Cheers to Spring!

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