Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

Miss M, 2.5 years old
We had a full, fun Easter day. By the time it was all over, Miss M was searching for eggs everywhere she went.
It's so nice to have a boy the same age right next door to hang with...
and his parents are pretty cool too. 
This photo is the only current proof I have
that she let me put a bow in her hair...for a little while. 
After a nap, we headed to Nancy and Ed's for another hunt and a lovely dinner.

The day really did have a light feel.

R is going to CU in the Fall; J is varsity lacrosse and starting to talk college too.
I'm so proud of them but cropping this photo hurt a little
because these guys are still so young and goofy and toddler-soft in my heart.
Miss K too... fresh from looking at schools in Texas...
(they're literally dwarfing my mom).
I guess that makes H the new freshman class.
Closely followed by M1 and M2. 
Spring just brings such a nice change (dig Nancy rockin' the pig tails). 

It feels warm and hopeful as we too prep for the next big thing.

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