Friday, May 10, 2013

Everyday Color and Texture

a Julie Howard original
We met up with Julie for lunch today at Cafe Rio. It's always such a treat to catch up with her. She brings this great element of creativity and perspective to conversation. She is a person who tastes things and then lets the concept marinate and then shares it with you so you too can stop to realize what wonderful elements are right in your everyday. Most of the time, it's not grandiose stuff; it's more focused on the simple pleasures that can almost be ignored or are not readily investigated by the mainstream public. Her enthusiasm always inspires me (it's not some strange cheerleader, "everything is perfect" high-pitched enthusiasm - it's more like, "look at how cool these chairs are painted" and then we examine them for a few minutes). She then takes a photo or paints a piece of artwork and all of a sudden I am in awe of the beauty in the moment. Of course, she continues on to the next thing, cool as a cat.

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