Friday, May 17, 2013


I've been trying to teach miss M to say she doesn't like something rather than just crying or screaming when someone does something to her and she wants an adult to intervene. It's been translated into a yelling statement she pretty much gives at the top of her lungs say if a friend pushes her or she wants something I won't let her have/do. She's fine tuning now as it gets to be more of a speaking less of a yelling statement. However, I woke up to it being the first thing I heard her scream from her room this morning. I thought she was acknowledging the birds that had been chirping since about 4 am (and I couldn't really blame her as my lack of sleep has me cursing anything that wakes me up) until she then started crying about Froggie, her lovey. The night before she "lost" him. I'm usually one to keep good tabs on him but I was in my own state of disrepair and froggie got forgotten in the mix. Needless to say, we couldn't find him in in all the regular places, or in the dark of the yard with the flashlights, so she and Froggie both slept alone (only the second time in their long friendship together). The morning was rough as we dealt with a toddler in heartbreak breakdown mode. Froggie was nowhere to be found. Later in the morning, our neighbor let us scope out his garage and the old girl found her friend where she had left him the night before: in an empty container bin on their back porch. I was glad she found him on her own (because I hate running around sometimes looking for him like he's a damn Busy Bee). I know there will be a day when he might be gone forever and truth be told, I'm okay with that lesson... just not four days before we rock her world with a newborn.

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