Sunday, June 16, 2013

On Father's Day

Frank and Pam came out for a visit. It was great to have them here. There's not much to do when you have a newborn but they were game for holding babies, changing diapers, and working on odd household tasks, which is such a treat for mom and dad. Miss M loved the extra hands on deck too.

On Father's Day, Frank offered to hang a swing for the girls, one as neat as what he was known to create for Andy and Jeff when they were young. He worked to throw two ropes over the lowest branch of our gigantic tree out back. 

It was fun to watch him work, weighing the rope and tying knots like a sailor. He was the one that pointed out the project was a great Father's Day activity. What he created has quickly become one of the coolest features at our house.

I'm so glad Miss M and Miss A have these men in their life.

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