Friday, June 14, 2013

Sit in my Lap, Child

We had a morning adventure; just us two. This was after a long walk and a breakdown. What's a girl to do when a new baby shakes her world? We both missed our time alone together; such is the heartbreak in life. Frank and Pam watched miss a so we could go. It felt like summer break just getting out of the house with one child. We stopped for a special treat. She picked a cranberry orange muffin and I fell victim to a cherry turnover (a nod to some of my favorite childhood Chris memories). We went to the Littleton Museum to see if we could find the kitty cat. We sat out front in the shade of a tree and enjoyed our treats. M was so excited; me too. We talked and I got to look at her, stroke her hair. She moved closer and closer, then into my lap where she finished most of her muffin. It warmed my heart and broke it at the same time: just us two with so much change having taken place, the time it took for her to find my lap, the quiet ease of the moment and the beauty in the day, the ability to escape together and how extremely joyful she makes me.

We didn't find the kitty cat. We found other things. A peacock climbing to the roof of a building after some boys chased him. Her imagination has taken flight and we watched the pond for alligators, since we "saw" one the previous day in the pond by our house. We said "hi" to the cow and the sheep. M swept in the barn a little and we melted in the sun before finally packing it in. More importantly, we found each other again. I think it will be an experience I have over and over as we grow and change.

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