Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Monster Mash

It's become a bit of a tradition to get over to Nick's Garden Center every fall to load up on end of the season produce and some green chilies. The kids like their Halloween setup, though they charge an arm and a leg for a simple 50 ft train ride (yeah I am that parent). This year the stars were perfectly aligned with an Emily Thoma visit, which always promises some laughs, such as the moment included here below:
yes I am that mom too: the one that dress her girl in a pumpkin hat
and places here in a field of squash laughing while she writhes in disgust
Here are some other fine moments from the day:

M had to get her texture on in the corn play area.
She wanted to take of all her clothes but settled for lifting up her shirt and laying on her belly
This is my favorite photo from the day.
The whole day was proving to be a comedy of errors, with someone crying at every turn.
Miss A forgave me
We happened upon a pumpkin contest for the largest pumpkin.
This doesn't look like much but... 
this is M leaning on the photo in the background of the last picture.
They were huge. Ranging upwards of 500 lbs
and moved by a forklift to be weighed.
Miss M got her face painted and had to promptly put on a dress when we got home (shocker).
She even allowed the use of a barrette to make sure her paint went unsullied.

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