Friday, November 29, 2013

Swing Time

This is a first: getting both youths on the swings together. A thought the whole thing was off the hook. I love her gaped open grin. M feigned boredom and even crossed eyes in one of these photos (which drives D insane as he thinks they'll stay that way). These photos crack me up. It's like a possible time warp to 10 years from now.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Deep Thoughts, v 2.0

Can you dig the Popsicle Lipstick?
She kept saying,"Mom, Mom. My lips are ice."
At the Park:
"Did you take off your shoes?"
"Yeah I did."
"Because I did take off my shoes."

"Someone left a piece of Play-doh (seriously just noticed the spelling: Homer Simpson meets Toddler?!) on the floor"
"Who do you think it was?"
"Did you just throw me under the bus to me?"

"Craddle cap is not my favorite."
"Yeah. Me either."
In an ironic turn of events, we found that the speaker has a little batch on her own head to accompany her sister's ailment.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Good Lighting

Good lighting always inspires an impromptu photo shoot.

Miss M was busy practicing her "bride-to-be" photo ops. 

Unfortunately a blueberry smoothie beat the dress into submission. Not to worry since this is just a dress rehearsal and not the real "wedding day" deal.

ice cream and other cold treats are so much better with friends

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Collaborative Art

There are times when miss M asks me to come paint with her. I sit at an undersized chair and we create things on her easel. It's currently one of my most favorite activities to share with her. It's relaxing and some of our creations really inspire me.

The other night I came in to find D and her painting together for the first time. It was so cool to watch. These moments make parenting really great.

I didn't get a shot of their creation but here are some of the other pieces our gallery has been displaying this year.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall in Love

The world of leaf blowers never made sense to me until we moved in to this neighborhood. Everywhere, Fall accosted us with beautiful colors and a crisp blanket for our feet to crunch. The leaves took center stage and truth be told, I couldn't have been happier because I love Autumn, it feels like my "season home"

November entered and we packed in our scarecrow and tractor; the leaves were lassoed by rakes and blowers and taken away in a huge truck. The lawn revealed itself again, ready for hibernation, ready for the winter snows.

This is one of the last trees to shed it's leaves in the neighborhood. I realized the other night when I was looking at it in the twilight with it's orangey-pink glow, that I hadn't taken any photos of the leaves because I was too busy just enjoying the colors (and because my camera phone does not do the colors justice). So this is what I have to show for the season.