Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hallo (ween)

I didn't get a shot of my princess in her full costume but really, if you visit this blog regularly, you get the gist. Needless to say, Miss M loved the entire day and was enthusiastically "in" the whole time from the daycare parade all the way to watching a movie outside at the neighborhood party and freezing her tushey off. 

Our next door neighbors put out a holiday spread in their front yard too. D threw his hat in to the ring by rigging up his tractor pulling a trailer of hay and kids for a pre-trick-or-treating neighborhood loop. All the kids had a great time (who doesn't on Halloween?!) Actually you want to know who? The person who left trick-or-treating early to come home and hand out an UBER-bowl of candy only to get ~5 knocks at the door. It was crickets around our front porch. The silence did give me time to carve out our "large" pumpkin. Miss A just watched from the sideline not too impressed with my effort. Admittedly it was a rush job, but still one of my most favorite parts of Halloween.  I had to get a photo of the two of them, since the pumpkin almost dwarfed her.

A didn't dress up. I figured I could put her in one of those cuddly little numbers only babies wear (the kind where you wonder to yourself how obscenely cute and tadfully disgusting the whole thing is). You know what I mean;  you end up with scenes like this:
I know, right?!
M had sugar-eyes the rest of the night, once she warmed up from hours of being outside and taking diggers in people's front yards - D said she dumped her basket many times (the absolute must for her this year was the orange jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat basket. I don't even know how she found out about them; when she came out with a request for one prior to the big day, I was a little surprised. I'm pretty sure she squealed when I gave it to her). I think at one point, she said it all was "glorious." I love this wide-eyed photo of her. As of now, she has barely even touched her Halloween candy (I can't say the same for other closest Snickers fans in the house).

I leave you with this shot below. I don't even know what this is, perhaps it's inspired by the doughy pink bear getup or just the insanity of it all...

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