Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays

This is my most favorite time of the year because nothing makes me happier than a note from an old friend. Every day I get cards with photos of lovely faces. I read witty heartfelt stories about how you are and what you have been busy doing in 2013.

It also is my favorite time of year to create something and mail it out. Years of late have put a serious curb on my creativity in this department; I'm sad to admit I have completely fallen short this year and will have to settle for a quick post. 

We have weathered the transition that comes with having a second child (I write that from the comfort of a glass of wine). Miss A has come in to her own passing the six month mark. As D's mom said so perfectly this summer, "She is delicious." She smiles and chatters at us and is truly enthralled with miss M. She delights in whatever M is up to and M is great about including her in her mischief. Miss M is headed to preschool next month, which means - sweet baby Jesus - the girl might finally be potty trained (It really hasn't taken that long; it just felt like walking in to glass doors over and over again, month after month). She asserts her independence quite often and comes up with the funniest, sweetest thoughts. Such is the outlook of a three year old. Her heart is so big and she's ready to share it with the world. I want to bottle these moments and lock them up in a safe. 

Andy's work continues to go well and I continue my search for a full time job while picking up less freelance in an effort to focus. We anticipate the new year will be fraught with new challenges as we shuffle our schedules and try to reconnect with our social life. The house is a beast of it's own making. We are taking on projects in pieces and hoping soon friends can come stay inside the house in a guest room rather than in the Swinger on our driveway. 

Still, I can't imagine life without two kids, without almost 5 years of marriage to Andy, without Ginger next to me at every step...

Wishing you all the joy the season brings and hopes for a grand new year. 

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