Friday, January 24, 2014

A Face Only a Mother Could Love

This kid...

She cracks herself up. And "mmmmmms" every bite of food. And moves her head back and forth to say no. Responds with "da da da" when I say "mamama"? She has her four front teeth and says Gigi too (I swear it). Most recently, she's started getting pressure cooker crazy with excitement at the dinner table. She gets all happilyy worked up like she is going to say something and then just starts laughing. She also breaths heavy like she is upset like a bull but then just smiles when you "call her out" on it. She's got no gross motor skills...well, few...well, we're working on it.- She just hasn't had the need thus far. She loves meat and sweet potatoes and grabbing neck meat. She also fancies pooping in the tub.

... I just can't get enough of her baby blues. 

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