Monday, March 17, 2014

Ice Skating with Old Friends

The Feiters came out for a little Spring Break escape. They snuck in late night to our new basement, our first official "house-guests". We caught up with them in the morning for breakfast, complete with the introduction of glorious cronuts in to our lives, before heading up to Keystone to ski. We met them the following day for some fun in the mountains. It's always great to sit next to a good friend and catch up and laugh.

no surprise miss M took to these two and asked to go to their house the day after this

look at this hot momma and her beautiful girl
look at this hot momma and her beautiful purse -
loved the added bonus of seeing Dahlia's bro, Tony,
for the first time since their wedding
I love this shot
I couldn't remember what Dahlia was doing until...
how could I forget TRex arm?!
so a duck walks in to a bar...
this looks pulled from some 1980s roller skate movie

dig my 80s rocker hair?! It's really just the wind.
Until we meet again...

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