Monday, February 16, 2015

For the Birds

In this house, we have birds around all the time. We have feeders outside our windows and across the street there is a regular duck show that happens two times daily. It's actually pretty cool. Just this afternoon, I watched one fat duck sitting in the middle of a snowy road while his entourage watched another little duck swimming through the snow of someone's front yard. They add their own level of entertainment. 

We have a huge evergreen in our front yard that houses about a million birds that fly back and forth to the feeder hanging 5 feet away from the tree. From our kitchen, we watch them sitting on the edge of the branches waiting for their turn. There's a good 10-15 at a time. 

I never really cared about birds too much. Not that I hated them, just that I didn't notice them. Now I catch myself gazing up at the groups huddled closely on telephone wires or noticing ducks looping around in the air looking for a place to land. 

Our neighbors had a love bird visiting for a week. I know, one?! Apparently if they don't have partner they connect with their people. In any case, we stopped by one night and got to meet Luna. The neighbors were going out of town for the weekend and let us check in on the bird. I have to say, she's the coolest bird I've ever meet. I found myself so lightened after hanging out with her.

She landed on my phone when I was trying to take a picture

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